Why the Norwegian Forest Cat?

When I lived in my family house I used to be surrounded by dogs. They were for me the embodiment of wisdom and affection for man. I have always treated cats as animals that are more attached to a place than to a person – and how I was wrong!

The first cat appeared in our house in August 1991. It was a simple domestic black and white cat which my son named Kitty. Kitty used to accompany us during every trip. She was a wise, brave cat that will always remain in our memories. It was her who made our family fall in love with cats and become addicted to them. We lived together for only 10 years and when she passed away in October 2001, our home became empty and we felt great sadness in our hearts.

My son was looking for a long time for a cat that would live with us.

Oshinka, a Norwegian she-cat, appeared in our house in January 2002. She was 10 months old so we wondered if a cat at this age would acclimatize in our house. However, we couldn’t resist her beauty and charm, she simply enchanted us.

Oshinka entered our house and possessed it. She slept in our bed the first night and she still does it. She chose me as her leader and she accompany me in all my home activities.

Why the NFO (Norwegian Forest Cat)?

Partially by chance, but the real reason is its beauty, unusual charm and its mysterious wild look that always catches eye. Looking at Norwegian cat we can feel it knows very well that it’s simply beautiful.

A cat which is very intelligent, smart and independent.

A cat which has wonderful fur and magnificent tail resembling a bit a tail of a squirrel.

A cat which feels great in natural environment as well as in apartment.

A cat which maintains good relations with its owners as well as with other animals.

It has the appearance of cat and the nature of dog – it only reacts to his name, it chooses his leader from the household members with whom he has a strong emotional bond.

The one who will live with a Norwegian cat, will become his slave.




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