Oshina Bo Gatta*PL

Oshina Bo Gatta*PL


Date of birth 23.03.2001
Color n 09 23
Mother CH Jennifer Lopez Karodok*PL
Father EC Golden Delicious Felis Jubatus DM
Title European Premior & European Champion & Distinguished Show Merit
Breeder Ewa Kosycarz
Owner Anna i Bartosz Zalescy
Tests GSD IV n/n,

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Oshina is the first Norwegian cat of ours. She was the one to initiate our fascination for this race. A she-cat that gave the beginning to our breeding and she reached in 2008 four generations of cats born with the Atlas*PL breeding nickname.

In her pedigree you may find cats that are nowadays considered as historic for the race:

  • great grandfather: the first NFO World Winner /91 EC N*Flatland’s Bjornsterne DM,
  • great great grandfather: EP & EC Pan’s Polaris DM after which she inherited the white end of the tail.

and lots of wonderful cats of Dutch line called Felis Jubatus.

The female cat of strong body build and magnificent fur, gorgeous almond-shaped green eyes, beautiful straight profile and wonderful triangle of head. Calm and even-tempered, with a strong personality – the leader of her clowder.

Oshina is the first Norwegian cat in Poland which can take pride of a double title of the European Champion and European Premior. What is more, she was awarded with a honorable title of Distinguished Show Merit.

She is the mother of the following litters: A, B, D and F.

Mother of litters: A, B, D, F


Other achievments


n° 3 w TOP NFO PL Agnar

n° 13 Skogkatt of the Year



n° 2 Neuter Skogkatt of the Year

n° 1 in neuter Super Kot

n° 1 in neuter TOP NFO PL Agnar

n° 1 in neuter TOP ONE


n° 1 in neuter TOP NFO PL Agnar

n° 1 in neuter TOP ONE


n° 1 in veterans TOP NFO PL Agnar

n° 1 in veterans TOP ONE




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