Bastille La Bichone*PL


Date of birth 26.02.2007
Color n 22
Mother EC Cimone Atlas*PL
Father EC Cerutti El Retiro*PL
Breeder Tomasz Andruszko
Owner Anna  Zaleska
Tests GSD IV n/n, PK def N/N ( 18.09.2013), HCM- NORMAL ( 03.06.2014)

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Bastilla, Arwena’s granddaughter, is the third generation after my Oshina. Since some time I wanted to have a cat of this colour. Basti is the fulfillment of my expectations. There are great lines in her pedigree: Dutch Felis Jubatus and La Foret and Swedish Zygot’s.

She’s a tall, long cat with a beautiful head, perfectly set big ears, glorious almond-shaped green eyes. She’s a young cat which growth we observe all the time. Bastilka inherited from her grandmother her inclinations to „mountaineering”. She’s our biggest chatterbox: she has always something to say and to complain of. Great individualist but she can also be jealous, mostly about her grandmother, Arwena.

She’s mother of the following litters: I, K, N, P, S




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