Arwena Atlas*PL


NEUTER          R.I.P – 2014-09-01

Date of birth  2003-03-14
Color n 09 23
Mother EC Oshina BO Gatta*PL
Father EC Duffy Agpamis*PL
Title Grand International Champion & Distinguished Merit
Breeder Anna i Bartosz Zalescy
Owner Anna i Bartosz Zalescy
Tests GSD IV n/n,

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Arwena is the first child of Oshinka. She was such a lovely kitten that we simply didn’t want to part with her. She’s as big and well built cat – she’s tall and long. She inherited a bit too small ears from her mother and dominant eyes from her dad. That’s why we match her partners properly.

Arwena is very intelligent, extremely cheerful and full of energy. She welcomes all our visitors at the door and invites them to go inside. She loves being admired and caressed – she fishes for stroking without end, she’s the greatest pet of ours.

Mistress of opening the door, drawers and cupboards, she has an extreme inclination to sit on the top of the highest shelves, just under the ceiling.

Arwena passes on her children her best features. On the 1st of August, 2009, she joined the circle of cats awarded with the prestigious title of Distinguished Merit.

She’s the mother of the following litters: C, E, G, H, J and L




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